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ESL Podcast 866 Ė Using Renewable Energy 2013-02-04
ESL Podcast 866 Ė Using Renewable Energy
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Tags: Daily Life , Transportation
Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:14
Explanations: 3:03
Fast dialog: 15:42
Carl: Uh! Whatís that smell?

Jody: Iím working on my latest invention. Iím turning our old food into an energy source for our car and our house.

Carl: Why? There are already lots of types of renewable energy that power cars and homes, and none of them smell like this!

Jody: Well, I think Iím onto a better alternative. Imagine being able to recycle your unwanted food into fuel. Thatís the wave of the future.

Carl: You mean you think that it would be more efficient than wind power and solar energy? There are geothermal and hydroelectric power plants that already provide energy for lots of homes and businesses.

Jody: But Iím using food that would otherwise be wasted.

Carl: I hate to break it to you, but if you want to convert food into fuel, there are already different types of biofuels that work pretty well.

Jody: You mean somebody has already beaten me to the punch?

Carl: Yes, and I bet theyíve found a way to do it without this stench!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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