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ESL Podcast 862 Ė Getting a Massage 2013-01-21
ESL Podcast 862 Ė Getting a Massage
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Tags: Health/Medicine
Audio Index:
Slow dialog: 1:14
Explanations: 3:19
Fast dialog: 15:38
Robert: Why are you twisting your back like that?

Staci: Iím in pain. My back and shoulders really hurt. I think itís from sitting at this computer all the time.

Robert: What you need is a good massage. It can get rid of the knots in your muscles and get you some pain relief.

Staci: I donít know. I donít like the idea of getting naked in front of a stranger.

Robert: If youíre skittish about that, remember that youíll be covered with a sheet, except for the part that he or she is working on. Itís not a big deal.

Staci: But what if theyíre too rough with me? It might make things worse.

Robert: An experienced massage therapist will ask you the amount of pressure you want and you can speak up if you donít like what he or she is doing.

Staci: Do you think a massage could really help me?

Robert: Definitely. I recommend my massage therapist. Sheís licensed and very good.

Staci: She doesnít use smelly oils or play hokey music during the massage, does she?

Robert: No, she doesnít. Sheís very professional, without being too clinical, if you know what I mean. Call her!

Staci: Iíll think about it Ė ouch!

Robert: Call her right now. You donít have a minute to lose!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse


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